I went to Home Depot to get grout - an adventure all on its own, with some random customer deciding to take on my project and giving me a lengthy talk about sanded vs unsanded, 1/8" or smaller/larger gaps, etc.

When I'd paid for the grout, a guy who worked there slung the bag over his shoulder and walked it out to my car and on the way I noticed the bag was leaking just a tiny bit (because I'd initially tried to rip off a tiny piece to see if I had the right color) I brushed it off his back where it had leaked and made a joke about cementing himself if it rained, but then all the way home I was thinking about how if I got some in my eye from the flying bits when I brushed him off and then my eye started watering, would I have a permanently-cemented eye? And then I wondered if other people obsess on things like this or is it just me?


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