A Slightly Different POV

So much is being said about the children being separated from their parents when they come over the border, the terror, the cries for their mothers. And the response from some is that these parents are breaking the law.

I would like to weigh in here because I taught many immigrants in this situation. They are not THOSE PEOPLE. They are mothers, fathers, grandparents, basically, they are us. They risk their lives and the lives of their children to come here because the conditions they're escaping are not endurable. They know what's at stake. They know the risks involved, the dangers of the trip TO the U.S. border, let alone the possible imprisonment if they manage to get here. And being separated from a frightened child is torture for any parent.

If you had a choice - if they were both horrible choices - to stay where you were and watch your children be sucked up and possibly killed by gangs and cartels and lawlessness and the other choice was grabbing that one chance to save them or yourself, what would you do? I know what I would do. I'd save my children or die trying.

Punishing people for their bravery, for their passion to find a better life for themselves and their kids is simply wrong. And punishing children, who had no say in any of it is disgusting.

My first ancestor came here the same year as the Mayflower. He wasn't on it, though. He came here from Scotland, a wanted man for refusing to obey the king of England. He was a fugitive, an outlaw, He was a criminal.

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